The english church in the engadin


Seasonal English services

St. John’s in St. Moritz is an Anglican Church, part of the Swiss Archdeaconry. It offers weekly services during the winter season from Christmas Eve to the end of February for all residents and guests in the Engadin.

The chaplaincy was begun in 1860 by the Rev. Alfred Strettell, whose son was the first recorded winter guest of the Kulm Hotel. In 1868 the Archbishop of York laid the foundation stone of the current church building, on land gifted to the church by Johannes Badrutt of Kulm Hotel. The building was consecrated in 1871 by the Bishop of Dover.

The Rev. Strettell still looks over our congregation, from the church’s memorial window where he is depicted as King David.


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Chaplain’s Corner 


Our Chaplain is the Rev. Canon Andrew J W Mullins who has served 51 years as a priest in the Episcopal Church. He is part time Assistant Rector at St Bartholomew's Church at 325 Park Ave in New York City, in his retirement. Canon Mullins simultaneously serves as the Anglican Chaplain of St Moritz, Switzerland at St John’s Church from Christmas Eve until March. He also maintains affiliations with All Hallows’ by the Tower, London and preached there in May and September 2018 for 6 weeks; St. Timothy's Chapel in Georgetown Lake, MT (every June for the past 10 years); He was Interim Priest at St. Thomas Church in Sun Valley, ID during the Rector's sabbatical in 2014 and was invited back for June-July 2015 and other times to preach; St. Simon's by the Sea in Mantoloking, NJ; All Souls in Onteora, NY; Mahogany Grove Church in Anguilla. He is founder of three preschools; St. Bartholomew’s NYC, St Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle and Church of the Epiphany, NYC. He has served on the Holland America Line completing 20 cruises as Chaplain, the Antarctica his most recent and he served as Chaplain at Ground Zero following 9/11. As consultant, he has worked with churches on Fundraising, Property Development, Preschool Development and Rebranding. He is married to Cathy West Mullins, a photographer, and has four daughters, two stepdaughters and nine grandchildren.


The English Church

For most of the season we’re based in the original English Church in St. Moritz. This was consecrated as an Anglican Church in 1871. Today it is owned by the Evangelical-Reformed Church of the Upper Engadin.

The church is next to the ‘Via Aruons’ bus stop at the corner of Via Aruons and Via dal Bagn in St. Moritz Bad. There is on-street car parking on Via dal Bagn.